How to Write Headlines, Subheads, and Lead-Ins (Video Two, Copywriting Series)


Do you wonder if your website headlines are as strong as they could be? Does your copy include correctly-written subheads to help the majority of your website visitors who scan? Would it help to discover the tests to evaluate your headlines — and how to know if your subheads are written effectively?


Video Two in the Ultimate Copywriting Workshop for Digital Marketing builds on the draft messaging we worked on in Video One, Building More Persuasive Copy Using the Story Approach.

You’ll use your answers to the first 3 questions in the Story approach to hone your main headline, craft subheads, and create an engaging lead-in. Learn the characteristics of effective headlines, how to know if your subheads are doing their job, and the 7 emotional drivers to build into your lead-in copy.

Video Two is 47 minutes. In Video Three, you’ll learn how to greatly improve the persuasiveness of your body copy.

Your Guide is Master Copywriter, Karen J. Marchetti

Her copy has doubled and tripled client sales, boosted online leads 67%, increased email click-through 200%, and generated a 22% opt-in rate for clients like Qualcomm, Union Bank and more.  Join her private Facebook group to have your copy personally reviewed.

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