Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon, Session One: RESEARCH


Do you wish your Amazon sales were stronger? Do you wonder what other sellers know that maybe you don’t? Or maybe you’re interested in starting an Amazon business — but could use an expert guide.

Discover the secrets of the top 1% of sellers on Amazon. In Video One, you’ll get started on the 4-part “R.O.A.R” proprietary method with James Hyatt, who has generated over $10 million in sales for his clients over the last 24 months on Amazon.



To create a stronger foundation on Amazon, you’ll learn how to assess your brand, define your specific goals on Amazon —and understand why they matter. James will take you through some competitive analysis, and you’ll review the 80/20 rule for products driving your current sales. You’ll cover:

  • How and Why to Set a Business Goal on Amazon
  • Opportunities for Brand Improvement
  • How to Analyze Product Listings and Your Account
  • 32 Ways to Improve Your Brand on Amazon

You’ll be introduced to all of the elements of the product detail pages, the brand store, your brand story, Amazon posts, A+ content, and more.

If you’re ready to take your Amazon business to the next level — with insider strategies and proven techniques — Session One will help you lay a stronger foundation.

Your Amazon Selling Expert is James Hyatt

James Hyatt is an Amazon SEO expert, and CEO of Rank N Bank, an Amazon optimization agency.