Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon, Session Four: REVIEW


You’ll learn the secrets of the Amazon pros to fast track your way to more customers and sales, including: How to Generate Reviews and Avoid Amazon Penalties (and even how to handle and remove negative reviews)!


Build Your Brand and Sales on Amazon – with the Proven R.O.A.R. Method

 In Session Four, we’ll complete the final “R”: REVIEWS! James Hyatt takes you through the various customer feedback options on Amazon, and systems to get those reviews without incurring Amazon penalties.

SESSION FOUR: REVIEW – The Importance of Customer Feedback

Go inside Amazon Seller Central to learn about Voice of the Customer, Feedback manager, Requesting a Review, Amazon Vine, Product Inserts (and language to keep you out of Amazon jail). You’ll cover:

  • Product Reviews vs. Seller Feedback
  • Generating Reviews While Avoiding Amazon Penalties
  • How to Handle and Remove Negative Reviews
  • Understanding and Resolving Customer Concerns

Your Guide is James Hyatt

You’ll learn from James Hyatt, CEO of Rank N Bank, an Amazon SEO agency that has generated $10 million+ for clients in the last 24 months. Don’t miss your chance to learn how they did it.