Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon, Session Three: ADVERTISING


Are you relying on the “trial and error” approach to advertising and selling on Amazon?  How much stronger could your brand presence and sales be on Amazon – if only you knew the proven strategies that the top 1% of sellers on Amazon know?

When you learn these proven Amazon advertising strategies – and start implementing them immediately – you’ll be that much farther ahead of the 2,000 new sellers that will launch products on Amazon tomorrow.


Maximize Your Visibility on Amazon

This 4-part workshop has helped grow 7-figure brands in the marketplace, and your brand could be next. You’ll learn the third piece of the  “R.O.A.R.” Method in this third video.

 SESSION THREE:  ADVERTISE – Master the Power of Amazon Advertising

  • Learn How Amazon Advertising Works
  • Choose the Right Strategy for Paid Ads
  • Discover the Influence of PPC Advertising on Organic Sales
  • Take Control of Your Ad Strategy with Automation

After this session, you’ll be ready to boost your visibility and your sales on Amazon.

Your Guide is James Hyatt

James Hyatt, an Amazon sales expert who has helped clients generate $10 million in revenue over the last 24 months, will guide you every step of the way. He’ll show you how to maximize all of the Amazon tools – including the newest ones that many sellers on Amazon haven’t taken full advantage of.

Learn the proven-effective steps to building your brand on Amazon, so you can breeze through the learning curve like a pro.