Meet the SD Direct Board of Directors

We asked each Board member: Why did you join the Board? What has been the biggest value of SD Direct for you? And what do you really enjoy about your job? Here’s what they said . . .

President – Karen Marchetti, SVP Client Services, Response FX

karen marchetti, president

I re-joined the Board to re-connect after the COVID break, and to encourage more digital marketing skills workshops that focus on generating leads and sales. Being active in SD Direct has greatly improved my visibility and helped me reach new clients over the years. I really owe the success of my business to SD Direct. I love solving client problems — and seeing results improve!

Treasurer – Linda Neumann, CMO, Brilliant Marketing Ideas, Inc.

linda neumann, treasurer

I like to give back to organizations that have helped me throughout my career, and SD Direct has been one of those organizations. SD Direct provides ongoing information that is timely and critical to my marketing positions. The knowledge that exists within the organization and the speakers that provide seminars enable me to continue to be relevant and provide resources for my current position. I enjoy that my job is forever changing. Finding the perfect product for the promotion or marketing activity just increases that ROI that everyone tries to achieve. Products keep your company top of mind and if used properly, can impact your business years down the road.

Secretary – Mike Martinez, Consultant

mike martinez, secretary

I joined the board because I was invited by a few old friends and colleagues in communications. At the same time, I was restless in semi-retirement, and I wanted to get back in the game. The biggest value of SD Direct for me is to be a player in a community of ideas and creative discourse, and to share and absorb stories. In my current position, I’m a free agent, and every day is a new possibility.

VP Communications – Danielle Itani, Director of Marketing Strategy at Innovative Employee Solutions

Danielle Itani, VP Communications

I joined the SD Direct Board for the many opportunities of continued learning and growth, to hone my marketing skillset and challenge myself, connect with like-minded industry leaders, and help marketers connect, learn and grow.  The value of SD Direct is the people! I’ve made life-long relationships both personal and professional. With the creative conversations, the commitment to learning and staying on top of industry trends, and the networking, the SD Direct community is amazing!  As the SD Direct VP of Communications, I really enjoy connecting with the monthly presenters and learning about their area of expertise.

VP Programming – James Hyatt, Chief Executive Officer, Rank N Bank

james hyatt, vp programming

VP Membership – Grant Bentley, InsideUp

Seminar Chair – Troy Tippin, RR Donnelley

Email Chair – Laurie Bokuniewicz, Marketing Consultant

laurie Bokuniewicz Email Chair

It’s a great opportunity to showcase my skills, while meeting, networking, and sharing ideas with successful marketers. With technologies and marketing outlets always changing and moving, it’s a wonderful organization to collaborate with like-minded professionals who want to continue learning and growing. I am looking forward to helping guide and shape the future of SD Direct.

Webmaster – Doug Baird, Baird Data Solutions

Past President – Vanessa Allen

Vanessa Allen

Sponsorship Chair – OPEN

PR/Social Media Chair – OPEN

Education Chair (university liaison) – OPEN

Job Bank Chair – OPEN

Member Benefits Chair – OPEN


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